Someone inspire you to believe in them, COACH RIKI MAKES YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

He focused his four-decade experience on the creation of innovative programs.

Now is the time for you to make a wise decision and choose one of them:

Basketball IQ Academy

Basketball IQ Academy is the program he set up, in addition to motor and cognitive abilities, to develop MENTAL ASPECTS OF SPORT (how to be mentally hard, more concentrated and gain an advantage in competition), SELF-CONFIDENCE (become a more confident player and person). Also, to build CHARACTER AND VALUES (how to be successful in life, because basketball is a great tool for learning how to succeed in life).

Individual Skills Development Workout

This is a program in which players are enabled to TURN GOOD INTO GREAT. Skill development includes expert training drills, advanced ball handling drills, creating your shot, making good decisions, game situations, physical performance to reduce chance of injury, mental conditioning and much more.


The program was created for coaches, teachers and educators who want to improve, perhaps transform the way they currently practice, attending theoretical classes and practical participation in trainings with daily interaction with FIBA Expert. The program has shown very successful results. The participants of this program greatly raised the level of quality and thus contributed in the best way to their clubs and national teams in achieving top results.

R.B.S. Program

Riki's Basketball School Program is an innovative program designed to set clear guidelines for working with preschool and early school age children by developing their cognitive abilities, concentration, emotional and social intelligence. The program is identified with numerous studies that have proven the positive effects of physical activity on our brain and mental health, with a direct correlation between learning efficiency and the level of brain neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is responsible for the growth and development of synapses in the brain.

Cardio Basket Workout

This is another one innovation intended for all ages of both sexes, with the goal of combining basketball fundamentals with cardiovascular exercises in low-intensity aerobic training, providing top aerobic treatment using all the benefits that sports can bring, not only for calorie consumption and fat burning, but also for overall health, body and psyche. In training, the weight of one's own body and basketball props are primarily used, and they practice fitness and strength exercises, stretching and shaping that define the body.

Creative Spanish language course

Course whose goal is to learn a foreign language in a creative way, through sports. There is a direct correlation between physical and intellectual development and the effects of physical activity on our brain and mental health are incredible. If you use a foreign language while doing sports, you internalize the language easily and naturally, strengthen vocabulary, improve pronunciation and improve interaction with other people.

Why participate in these programs?

Coach Riki, the creator and manager of these programs harmonized his passion for sports and the vast experience that showed the good and bad sides of playing sports to all age groups, both sexes, regardless of whether they are active athletes or recreational athletes.

High-performance participants raise their abilities to a higher level, while those with poorer physical fitness, relatively poor motor skills, reach a satisfactory level and gain self-confidence usable in real life situations.

What is the benefit?

A lot can be achieved by educating through play, but the true values are contained in the abilities of Coach Riki, who revives, directs and shapes it.

All program participants enjoy the significant benefits of these programs: