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My task is to convey certain my thoughts, experiences gained during the rich coaching career, but also I try to encourage the new, your thoughts.


Do you want to use a creative way of the practice that creates a great affecting performance at the players and coaches and a genuinely inspirational TURN GOOD INTO GREAT?

Basketball is a sport that originated from fun and entertainment, but the modern way of life has made it lose its original meaning and become a serious business and one of the most profitable businesses. According to my understanding of coaching and pedagogical work, I believe that in today’s market game, many coaches and clubs make the mistake of striving to find opportunities to achieve the best possible results. In support of this is the communication of Aito Garcia Reneses, a great coach and friend, who a few years ago asked his friend from Zaragoza if he remembers Coach Riki and what he thinks of me. The answer followed: “Of course I remember him. I can describe him to you in one word – DIFFERENT”. That is true. I am aware that I am different. I had the opportunity to improve like many other coaches, to gain the highest professional basketball title, attend numerous courses, seminars and study a lot of literature, but I formed players and created champion teams based on great experience and gained skills in direct contact and close cooperation with the biggest coaching names from the NBA, Europe, Latin America and coaching different teams in various Serbian basketball clubs (Partizan, Crvena zvezda and NIS Vojvodina), but his experience gained while working also in Spain, Portugal, Greece, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc, as well as various National teams.

But, I folded all that acquired knowledge in my brain and used an adapted version in accordance with the potential and conditions I have in the environment in which I work. Certainly, identical work with Sasa Djordjevic, Toni Kukoc, Zarko Paspalj, Dino Radja was not realized with the others generations. The mentioned players, like many others, have their own specificity and it is impossible to apply them with others.

“The knowledge I acquired surpassed art and became a science.”

I combined my passion for basketball, theoretical knowledge and encounters with different cultures with four decades of experience gained through practical work with all categories of both sexes on several continents, as a coach, FIBA expert and lecturer to create innovative programs of a wide range of movements using different motor skills.

My goal is for the participants of the program that I realize to raise their quality to a higher level (“TURN GOOD INTO GREAT!”). The program is intended for professional players but also players of different ages of both sexes, all levels and positions. Participants in these programs use advanced techniques to put the acquired knowledge of basketball into practice and contribute to the success of their teams.

They improve individual technique and tactics, body position, breathing technique, specific leg and arm work, innovative shooting mechanics, motor, basketball, emotional and social intelligence. Reading the defense they make a wise decision about what, how, when and where to apply to the game.

They are not satisfied with a good game, but turn it into top quality, accelerate the making of tactical decisions, strengthen the character, gain great self-confidence, great trust of their teammates and coaches.

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